Dear exchange students at UAS BFI Vienna!

Getting the right phone plan is always a relevant topic for exchange students, since it's important to be able to stay in touch with people, but nobody would want to waste money on it or get into a long term contract. ESN has therefore partnered up with Austrias largest carrier with a special deal for exchange students - and after looking around, we do believe that this is a great offer, so we want to provide you with a quick overview of it:

We have a free SIM card for every exchange student at BFI Vienna, which you will receive at the welcome day.

These SIM cards are equipped with some exclusive bonuses, that should make them the ideal phone service for exchange students.

The B.Free L - plan provides you with 1000 minutes of national calls per month, 1000 text messages per month and 2 GB of High-Speed, LTE Internet per month.

B.Free L is completely free for the first month for ESN Students! Afterwards, the regular price would be 15 Euros, but we have some additional extras: A bonus of 5 Euros upon activating + a bonus of 5 Euros whenever you top up your phone. This means that you never pay more than 10 Euros per month for a high quality, flat-rate service!

After comparing this package with the other providers active in Austria, this definitely seems like a strong deal: a high quality network with a greatly discounted price. Additionally, thanks to the SIM card and first month being completely free of charge, it is possible to try this deal without any worries!


How to use the B.Free phone service:

  • After receiving the SIM card from us at the welcome day, first call 0800 664 295 to activate your card
  • After activating, you are using the default plan. To activate the plan with 2 GB of high-speed data, send a text message with the word "JA" to the number 2930.
  • Once you need to top up your credits, you can either buy a voucher in a store (for example at the cashiers of supermarkets, post offices, tobacco stores) and receive a code to unlock your new credit. Alternatively, you can use this online shop: and buy new credit via credit card or bank transfer


Now this is just a quick overview we wanted to give you - along with your SIM card, you will also get a flyer containing all the information about the offer at the welcome day.

We are excited for the start of the semester!


Your team at ESN BFI Vienna