Hello you travellers!

Since everyone of you hopefully arrived (more or less) safe in Vienna, it is time to find friends and get to know each other better. Therefore we are having a very social event where you can meet your fellow incomings while playing very not-childish games with very adult people. 

Why does that make sense? 

While playing games, solving riddles and doing other funny stuff you can find out who the people you are hanging with really are - in all their beautiful and less beautiful ways! And that is usually very much fun. 

Hard facts: 


The event takes place at FH in Room 104


If you did not see it already, it starts at 13:00 and will last until around 16:00.


- Good Mood

- A very charming smile (maybe you find your erasmus lover here you never know)

- Any games (if you have any!)

- And a very open mind :) 


See you there! 




10/02/2015 - 13:00 to 16:00