We would like to welcome you to the introduction of the ESN card!

The ESN card is the membership card of the Erasmus Student network. It is not only the proof that you are member of this amazing international student network in more than 40 countries but also enables you to receive discounts in many of these Erasmus cities. But you must know this membership card is alike your student ID: It is valid for 12 months but only with your correct personal data, a picture on it and you are the only one who can use it!

Why should you get the ESN card? 

All Erasmus students should use the opportunity of visiting the entire country, in which they spend their semester abroad. With ESN card this is easier than ever: A discount of 15% by Ryanair and and 10%-20% by Flixbus is granted for all ESN card holder! You can even explore other countries due to the hostel partnerships of ESN. 

If you like spending time with your new friends in the city centre in Hard Rock cafe or just wanting to order The Economist with a huge discount, then ESN membership is just for you!

You can choose from more than 1200 active discounts, but for further information check out the official website of the ESN Card under https://esncard.org/.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with further question regarding the card or your stay in Vienna! We are always there to help! 


We hope you have an amazing stay! 

Best wishes, 


Your ESN Bfie Vienna Team